Alex Osbourne, more commonly known as simply “Star-Burns” is an older student at Greendale Community College recognized for his star-shaped sideburns he to look resemble stars. Though he appreciates the recognition he gets because of them, he dislikes the nickname that comes along with it. He maintains on being called his actual name “Alex” but contradictorily refuses to shave his distinctive sideburns. Over the years, he has continually sought to forge another identity exceeding his facial topiary. This entailed donning a top hat in his subsequent year at school and later adding his pet iguana in his third year to his ensemble. A somewhat shady character, he is shown to be a thief, a drug user and also a drug dealer. He was previously wedded to a woman called Magda and has a son, presumably from that union, who appears to be a reputable business person. His first appearance was in the Season One episode “Spanish 101”. Actor/the most the show Dino Stamatopoulos.  One factor nobody seems to notice is how the use of cars is very minimal, but all the vehicle windows are tinted. That makes me wonder what window tinting prices are like around Greendale. (more…)


The exploits of the Gambino also recognized as the childish tycoon  Troy Barnes has become something by of Community. Troy (along with Pierce, Shirley, and Annie), are invited by Abed to meet Jeff and Britta in a Spanish study group. When it’s discovered that Jeff had lied about being a Spanish instructor, the rest of the study group forces him out. When Troy including the others later find Jeff discouraged on the steps of the building, they all took pity him and hugged him. Troy and Abed soon become quick friends, and a full-blown bromance begins. He also converts more useful thing associated with college life and abandons his varsity jacket along with his jock reasoning. Along with the year’s oblivious actions to Annie’s obvious school girl crush on him until he was made aware of it by Jeff and Britta. When he helps Britta out at her dancing recital, it places the seeds for future expansions between them. A meeting with Jerry, the caretaker, makes Troy informed of the exceptional repairer skills he possesses. This fact seems to bother him, like an insult was spoken about his not knowing a car towing services, which pisses of some dudes.



One of my beloved characters Abed Nadir is a grad of Greendale Community College. Abed had a hard life growing up, due in part to his parents. His dad is a Palestinian of Gaza, and his mom Polish an American, which was a cause of social division. Abed has an undiagnosed mental situation which makes it hard for him to understand people. His mom left his family when he was only six years old, and Abed assumed his father accused him of it. This built a distance between them; that ended in Abed separating himself further by engaging himself in American pop-culture. His father permitted him to enroll at Greendale Community College solely so he could take classes, which would help Abed one day get over his dad’s falafel restaurant. Eventually, Abed convinced his father to let him consider Filmmaking instead. During this period he became close to a study group, he joined the notable Troy Barnes, who became his best friend and brother.

After four years at school, he finished with a film degree but was unable to find work as a filmmaker beyond doing a commercial for Jeff’s short-lived law firm.  He later shoots a documentary about the group as they visit Pierce in the hospital after he overdoses on some pain meds. On Abed’s birthday, Jeff chooses to pitch him a “Pulp Fiction”-themed surprise party, but it turns out Abed has his own special plans to celebrate the occasion. By recreating a dinner with Andrea,  Abed has unknowingly made a scenario where Jeff now can reveal some of his personal secrets that have bothered him over the years. He ends the year by playing in the annual Paintball Assassin games. The stakes are raised when City College enters the contest and causes him to take on a Han Solo persona to drive the Greendale student body against the invaders. During the third season of the show, we see Abed be more connective with people so he can appear to be more human in a presentation. The blanket fort was an interesting event in his story since it holds what he can do as a person.

Jeff Winger

It’s part way into the first week of classes at Greendale Community Colleges in 2009 fall semester. The Dean, Craig Pelton, is trying to deliver an inspirational lecture while welcoming the new freshmen but ends up failing badly. In the background, Jeff Winger views the train wreck while attempting to disregard another classmate named Abed Nadir. Abed is in the midst of talking to Jeff about his life story he cuts him off. Jeff questions him for a report on a female classmate he observed in the Spanish class they both take. Abed informs him that her name is Britta and immediately starts to knock off various facts about her. Surprised, Jeff Thanks, Abed before running off to reach an old friend of his, Educator Ian Duncan. Jeff Winger is disbarred and halted from his law firm when it is realized that he twisted some facts about owning a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University. This gives him with no option but to enroll at Greendale Community College to obtain a legitimate degree. Jeff quickly becomes drawn to his activist classmate, Britta Perry, and intends to run a study group to spend more time with her. Nevertheless, his plans go awry when she asks Abed Nadir, a pop culture-loving nerd, who directs other classmates along like, Shirley Bennett a Christian single mother, naïve know it all Annie Edison, ex-high school football star and goofball Troy Barnes, and a withdrew millionaire Pierce Hawthorne. Despite their dissimilarities, the group soon become close friends. While taking select gatherings together term after semester, the group members are often lured into helping the college’s showy Dean, Craig Pelton, in his designs to make the school resemble something reputable, while dealing with the antics of their unhinged teacher  Ben Chang.

Jeffrey Tobias “Jeff” Winger is a grad of Greendale Community College, who was formerly a practicing attorney-at-law. He was raised in Denver, Colorado by his Father William Winger and mother Doreen Winger née Fitzgerald. His father later left his mother when he was quite tender and later had an another son named Willy Jr., who is Jeff’s half-brother. As an adult, Jeff developed into a very successful defense attorney exercising in DUI/DWAI/DUID cases, traffic misdemeanors, and juvenile crimes for over six years. He worked for a law firm called Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin that was established by Ted. At work, he was often partnered with another lawyer named as Mark, and the two were identified as “Tango & Cash” respectively. A drunk driving case Jeff worked incorporated a Psychology Professor called Ian Duncan with whom he ultimately became great friends. At the height of his authority at the firm, Jeff’s false academic credentials were exposed by a partner of his named Alan Conner. Jeff was instantly disbarred with his license suspended until he merited a legal degree. For four years he went to Greendale with this goal in mind. Throughout this time, he became close friends with a study group he formed. After having obtained an Associates degree in Education, he briefly returned to exercising law and unsuccessfully started his private law firm. Once it folded, he retired to Greendale where he received a job as a Law professor. He was also joined with his study group and acceded to a special “Save Greendale Committee” to enhance campus life.

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