Alex Osbourne, more commonly known as simply “Star-Burns” is an older student at Greendale Community College recognized for his star-shaped sideburns he to look resemble stars. Though he appreciates the recognition he gets because of them, he dislikes the nickname that comes along with it. He maintains on being called his actual name “Alex” but contradictorily refuses to shave his distinctive sideburns. Over the years, he has continually sought to forge another identity exceeding his facial topiary. This entailed donning a top hat in his subsequent year at school and later adding his pet iguana in his third year to his ensemble. A somewhat shady character, he is shown to be a thief, a drug user and also a drug dealer. He was previously wedded to a woman called Magda and has a son, presumably from that union, who appears to be a reputable business person. His first appearance was in the Season One episode “Spanish 101”. Actor/the most the show Dino Stamatopoulos.  One factor nobody seems to notice is how the use of cars is very minimal, but all the vehicle windows are tinted. That makes me wonder what window tinting prices are like around Greendale.Star-Burns seems to have a rigid relationship among the study group. He and Jeff Winger, indistinct, appear to have some kind of rivalry, both describing the other as a “douchebag,” likely do to his ogling of Annie Edison. In Anthropology class, Star-Burns reminisces about the incident in which the study group went on a rafting trip, and how refreshing it was to have a class, not regarding them. The study group gets him fired from his job as a chicken fry-cook during “Contemporary American Poultry.” In spite of all this, he and Pierce appear to be friends, trading drugs in “Intro to Statistics” and pulling up together throughout “Modern Warfare”.
Ben Chang chooses to mock him, attracting constant attention to the amount time it must take him to create stars into his sideburns. After Chang becomes a student, an unclear incident makes him owe Chang a small frozen pizza. Star-Burns has one son, who notwithstanding his father’s laid back appearance, seems to be a successful business person. He was married to a lady called Magda, to whom he transmitted herpes. In his video will, he proves this saying to my ex-wife, Magda; I leave herpes, but she understands that.”In the study group’s fifth term at Greendale, the threat known as the “Ass Crack Bandit” declares to have terrorized the campus. Jeff, Annie, and Dean Pelton accompany each other while following a possible lead on the perpetrator to the school’s pens. They are amazed to discover Star-Burns there still very much alive. He had been lurking out at the stables after having to fake his own death. Star-Burns had chosen to use his time there by attempting to outline and create the world’s first cat powered transportation. Pelton makes Alex to confesses to being the Ass Crack Bandit in exchange for his having some notable school burglary charges against him dropped. Star-Burns later reveals to Jeff during the punishment cage he never was the bandit and eventually recanted his confession. A crowd-sourcing video highlighting Star-Burns is shown who is taking benefactions for his cat car idea.