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Alex Osbourne, more commonly known as simply “Star-Burns” is an older student at Greendale Community College recognized for his star-shaped sideburns he to look resemble stars. Though he appreciates the recognition he gets because of them, he dislikes the nickname that comes along with it. He maintains on being called his actual name “Alex” but […]


The exploits of the Gambino also recognized as the childish tycoon ¬†Troy Barnes has become something by of Community. Troy (along with Pierce, Shirley, and Annie), are invited by Abed to meet Jeff and Britta in a Spanish study group. When it’s discovered that Jeff had lied about being a Spanish instructor, the rest of […]


One of my beloved characters Abed Nadir is a grad of Greendale Community College. Abed had a hard life growing up, due in part to his parents. His dad is a Palestinian of Gaza, and his mom Polish an American, which was a cause of social division. Abed has an undiagnosed mental situation which makes […]

Jeff Winger

It’s part way into the first week of classes at Greendale Community Colleges in 2009 fall semester. The Dean, Craig Pelton, is trying to deliver an inspirational lecture while welcoming the new freshmen but ends up failing badly. In the background, Jeff Winger views the train wreck while attempting to disregard another classmate named Abed […]